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Initiation: Fire From Heaven

by Robert Borel

Table of Contents
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1. Definitions

a. Initiation Defined
b. Initiate Defined

2. Words, Symbols, Silence


a. Read Carefully
b. Beyond Words, Language Inadequate
c. Not Written
d. Symbols
e. Silence
f. No Claims
3. Normal Evolution vs. Initiation a. Abnormality of the Process of Initiation
b. Forcing Process
4. Three Stages of Spiritual Development a. Individualization
b. Initiation
c. Identification

5. Cost, Sacrifice


a. Misunderstood
b. Effect on Others
c. Blindness, Darkness
d. Loneliness, Isolation, Solitude
e. Cost, Loss, Renunciation, Sacrifice
f. Pain, Suffering, Sorrow
g. Fire, Burning Ground
h. Crisis, Tension, Conflict, Dweller vs. Angel

6. Preparation, Training

a. Self-discovery
b. Preparation, Readiness, Requirements, Training
c. Schools
d. Hints
e. Tests, Temptations
f. Failures, Faults

7. Old vs. New Methods

a. Individual vs. Group Initiation
b. 14 Rules for Individual and Group Initiation

8. Laws

(included in the one document)
a. Analogy, Correspondences
b. Being
c. Cause and Effect, Karma
d. Compensation
e. Cycles
f. Death
g. Differentiation
h. Economy, Attraction, Synthesis
i. Expansion
j. Expansive Response; the Lower Four
k. Free Occult Obedience
l. Group Life, Group Progress
m. Inevitability
n. Nature
o. Repulse
p. Sacrifice
q. Schools
r. Service
s. Supplementary Seven, Spirit, Life
t. Vibration


9. Temporal Periods


(included in the one document)
a. Solar Systems
b. Chains
c. Rounds
d. Root Races
e. Ages
f. Centuries
10. Kingdoms (included in the one document)
a. Mineral
b. Vegetable
c. Animal
d. Human
e. Various Kingdoms

11. Astrology

a. Astrologers
b. Full Moon
c. Suns
d. Planets
e. Constellations
f. Crosses
g. Sirius

12. Rays

a. Seven Rays
b. Rays of the Personality, Soul and Monad

13. Planes, Worlds

a. Seven Planes
b. World of Appearances, Meaning, Significances

14. Centers, Kundalini

a. Seven Centers (Chakras)
b. Kundalini

15. Aspects


a. Microcosmic

1) Personality, Mayavirupa
2) Soul, Causal Body, Egoic Lotus
3) Monad
4) Antahkarana

b. Macrocosmic 1) Humanity
2) Hierarchy
3) Shamballa

16. Vision, Revelation

a. Sight, Vision
b. Light
c. Illusion Dispelled
d. Process of Revelation
e. Intuition, Ideas, Raincloud of Knowable Things, Impression

17. Mysteries

a. Restoration of the Mysteries of Initiation    

18. Time


a. Age of Candidate
b. Time of Initiation
c. Time
d. Eternal Now

19. Place


a. Cave
b. Stream, River
c. Mountain
d. Hall, Temple
e. Gate, Portal, Door

20. Process


a. Self-initiation
b. Process of Initiation
c. Penetration, Polarization, Precipitation
d. Abstraction, Death

21. Ceremony

a. Participants

1) Initiate or Group of Initiates

2) Initiators


a) The Soul
b) The Christ, the Bodhisattva, the World Teacher, the Great Lord
c) Sanat Kumara, the One Initiator, the Lord of the World, the Ancient of Days, the Great Kumara
d) The Nameless One
e) The Planetary Logos, the Silent Watcher
f) The Ray Lord

3) Triangle of Force, Three Guardians


a) Three Adepts, Three Hierarchical Department Heads
b) Three Buddhas of Activity, Three Exoteric Kumaras
c) Three Esoteric Kumaras

4) Sponsors

a) Two Masters
b) Mahachohan and Bodhisattva
c) Two Great Nameless Beings

5) The Representing Deva

6) Lodge of Masters and Initiates

b. Revelations


1) Revelation of the Presence
2) Revelation of the Vision
3) Revelation of Past, Present and Future
4) Other Revelations

c. Rods of Initiation, Rods of Power


1) Kinds of Rods a) Cosmic Rod, Rod of the Cosmic Logos
b) Systemic Rod, Rod of the Solar Logos, The Sevenfold Flaming Fire
c) Planetary Rod, Rod of the One Initiator, Rod of the Planetary Logos,
Rod of Sanat Kumara, The Flaming Diamond

d) Hierarchical Rod, Rod of the Bodhisattva, The Lesser Rod of Power
2) Interlude of Silence, Stillness and Peace
3) Application of the Rod
a) Effect of the Rod on the Initiate's Personality Vehicles
b) Effect of the Rod on the Initiate's Causal Body
c) Effect of the Rod on the Initiate's Centers (Chakras)
4) Star of Initiation
5) The Rod and the Secrets 

d. Administration of the Oath

e. The Giving of the Word of Power

f. The Imparting of the Secrets

1) Three Lesser Secrets
2) Three Major Secrets (Mysteries)
3) Two More Major Secrets
4) Other Secrets (Mysteries)
22. Results, Goals

a. Results

1) Success
2) Service
3) Healing
4) Love
5) Universality
b. Goals 1) Objective
2) Work

23. Minor Initiations


a. Minor or Threshold Initiations
b. Intermediate Stages, Expansions Between Initiations

24. Major Initiations

a. Higher, or Major, Initiations
b. Cosmic, Hierarchical and Sirian Initiations

25. Initiations of Significant Entities


a. Significant Entities
b. The Buddha
c. Jesus
d. The Christ
e. Sanat Kumara and the Planetary Logos
f. The Solar Logos

26. Number


a. Number of Initiation 1) Nine
2) Eleven
b. Series of Initiations 1) Five
2) Seven
3) Nine

27. First Initiation


28. Second Initiation


29. Third Initiation


30. Fourth Initiation


31. Fifth Initiation


32. Sixth Initiation


33. Seventh Initiation


34. Eighth Initiation


35. Ninth Initiation


36. Path, Way

a. Three Paths
b. Path of Initiation
c. Way of the Higher Evolution
d. Seven Paths, Cosmic Paths




a. The Nine Initiations
b. The Seven Planes